Strategas Research Partners is a leading institutional brokerage firm focused on providing macro research, advisory, and capital market services to institutional debt and equity investors and corporate executives around the world.

Founded in 2006 by Jason DeSena Trennert, Nicholas Bohnsack and Don Rissmiller, Strategas is an independent, private partnership committed to providing superior services in the old Wall Street tradition. Its motto, bonitas, probitas, fides – class, integrity, faith – guides both the management of the Firm and its commitment to its clients.

The Firm employs 50 research analysts, institutional salesmen, and sales traders, at its offices in New York, Washington DC, and Columbus, Ohio. Strategas is fortunate to count among its clients some of the world’s largest mutual funds, investment advisors, pensions and endowments, and hedge funds.

Strategas undertakes securities business in the name of its wholly-owned institutional broker-dealer subsidiary, Strategas Securities, LLC. For information please contact us at (212) 906-0130 in New York; (202) 223-7646 in Washington; (614) 221-6680 in Columbus or, via email at